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Targeted Podcast True Crime Domestic Violence

May 7, 2018

Before speaking about the changes to social services we need to understand why Melisha was placed back with her parents.


Melisha Gibson’s stepfather abused her severely at 11 months old and she lived for more than three years in a foster family with whom she had a deep bond.  Foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins considered Melisha, or Missy as she was called, and inquired about adopting her.


Ronnie and Wanda Maddux wanted their children returned, however and over the course of months, one-by-one the state returned all of the children, placing Missy there last.


Why?  Why did social services in the US hold reunification of the family as so important?  And since it was so important, why didn’t social services provide more resources or require treatment that would have given a family placement more chance at success?


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